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Medvedev Vladimir


Medvedev Vladimir

A fragment of the canvas "An October Wind"

Medvedev Vladimir Petrovich was born in 1940 in village Ustkalmanka of Altai Krai.

His mother, Kraskova Fedosya Naumovna was a gifted woman. She was singing and drawing well, was a clever needlewoman. After father's death in 1946 Vladimir with mother and brother moved to Chimkent (Shymkent, south of Kazakhstan).

Here the future artist attended a drawing group. But mother wanted him to be an agronomist and in 1958 Vladimir starts Agricultural Technical Secondary School. In 1961 Medvedev Vladimir gave up study and entered the Tashkent School of Arts to an experienced teacher and eminent artist Shin Nikolay Sergeevich.

In 1966 Medvedev Vladimir spoke in support of diploma "Outcasts" and left for Buhara. Ancient town with pecuilar architecture, great history, bright colours and fellows inspired the young painter. There Vladimir wrote canvases on historical subjects that were exhibited in Buhara: "Running" (Saidhan), "Emirath's downfall" and others.

Basically, Medvedev Vladimir worked for the Communist Party. The artist was occupied with agitation monumental canvases: "Friendship of Nations", "Comrades, You are on Right Way", "Party is Mind, Honour and Conscience of our Age" etc. Principle of these oil paintings (multitopic, different scale, free color interpretation) was used in the series of canvases"Russia in a Mist".

At that time the painter went on with his work at sketches and studies of canvas"An October Wind". Artist's intention of the painting occured in 1963. Medvedev Vladimir was indulged in this idea and began to study materials concerning revolutionary movement in Russia. "Demons" of F.M. Dostoevsky determined the idea of the work: Bolsheviks carried only harm and death.Moreabout the canvas "An October Wind".

The canvas measuring 535x300 square centimetres (210x99 square inches) was began in Leningrad in 1967. It is supposed to be exposed in 1987 (70 years of Soviet power). But this conception occured to be very complicated and it was finished only in 1995.

In 1991-1992 Medvedev Vladimir wrote a canvas "Sunday", size 320x250 square centimeters (140x100 square inches). Composition is manyfigured, simple subject: a square in Moscow full of people was staring at Gipsy dancing and singing. The canvas was created for Gipsyman from Riga.

At that time (which was called "Perestroyka") was began the series of canvases "Russia in a Mist". In these paintings were reflected (by artist's eyes) main events of 20th century in Russia. Numerous sketches were bought by Europeans, Americans and Canadians.More about these canvases.

In 1986 Medvedev Vladimir wrote "Autoportrait with Family". This portrait was approved by Moiseenko Evsey Evseevich.

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