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"An October Wind"

An October Wind

"An October Wind" (1963-95)

Size 535x300 square centimetres(210x99 square inches).
Canvas, painting in oil.
Sketches: sizes are 250x99 and 160x100 square centimetres.

A subject of the canvas:

The painting shows the Bolshevist demonstration in Moscow on the eve of the October overturn, which set the Bolshevist power. There are all estates of people, from beggar to aristocrat. What will they bring to the people? They will bring a dictatorship, violence, shootings, mockery over the religion, robbery of all estates of people and more slavery.

Artist's intention of the painting occured in 1963. The canvas measuring 535x300 square centimetres (210x99 square inches) was began in Leningrad in 1967 and it was finished in 1995.

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