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Updated Dec 24, 2003

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"Russia in a Mist"

The 5th canvas of the series

October, 79

"October, 79"

At the canvases "Russia in a Mist", "Emigrants" and "October, 79" (79 years after October overturn) - you can see our time. It's the time which is called "Perestroyka", the turning point from Socialism to Capitalism. This period, which was started by Gorbachev and continued by Yeltsin, this period was enterprised from the destruction of the people's farms. So, Perestroyka choked. Different Russian plants and factories stopped. The Unemployment embraced the country.

The "new" people came to the Goverment - they were people with the "dark" past: the thieves, killers, who made their great fortune on the way of robbering of the country. The financial reforms were frankly robbering, gigantic taxes, wages are not paid - all these problems brought the sharp extension of death among people. Intelligentsia is out of home, beggarly veterans against a background of destroyed industry and agriculture farming. There were some hopes and excuses not so long ago, but nowadays Russia has no hopes and justifications, there is only the darkness, and there is no light in a tunnel.

The series "Russia in a Mist"
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