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Updated Dec 24, 2003

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"Russia in a Mist"

The 6th canvas of the series

The Party is a Mind, Honour and Conscience of Our's Age

"The Party is a Mind, Honour and
Conscience of Our's Age"

"We are warmly approving the wise outward and the inside politics of our Party" - it was the slogan of the Brezhnev's times.

Soviet army under the "wise" direction of the Party and Brezhnev suppressed the attempts of the Czechoslovakian, Hungarian and German people their wish to liberate from the oppresion Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The troops were also injected to the Afganistan's territory. And there were killed and wounded people again. In the name of what do mothers must waste their sons? Why?!

The series "Russia in a Mist"
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